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Learning languages can be a bit tricky if you’re trying to do it by yourself or that is what I used to think prior to installing Memrise. In the past I have tried using using tape/book combos which can work but it was always hard to tell if you were getting things right, thankfully apps like Memrise make life a… Read more →

Blogging on the go

As a smartphone user I have a tendency to blog on the go i.e As & when I can on my android phone. To be honest it makes life a lot easier, especially when it comes to trying out new apps and games that I find interesting. I can find free to use images without a problem, finding new stuff… Read more →

Exploding Kittens

Physical card games are a great way of passing time with other players​, one such card game Exploding Kittens is one of these funny games to play with others. It is now available as a mobile phone game and what a game it is.  Full instructions are available online but it’s not hard to pick up how to play. Just like the… Read more →