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Introducing Book of the Month

I thought i would introduce a new feature to my blog, a monthly book choice for your consideration. Now these books will have a theme, they will mostly be games related but some will be blogging related or something pretty geeky or cool like my first choice for January 2019. My first choice is “Spiders” Little Fears Book 3 by… Read more →

Pixel Nips

If you are anything like me, you probably have one or 2 gaming t-shirts lying around the house. But what if you want to design your own? That is exactly what Kai at Pixel Nips has done, he has designed some really cool 8 bit themed t-shirts, including a few Rick and Morty ones. This is what Kai told me… Read more →


Gameumentary might not be a name that if familiar to you but these guys are awesome and I’ll tell you why. THEY MAKE VIDEO GAMES DOCUMENTARIES. You should check out their YouTube channel before they launch their next big project tomorrow which just happens to be one about Darksiders.   An 8 year old game I discovered last year &… Read more →

Old PC meet Lakka

There comes a time when you simply cannot ignore it any longer and you have to get yourself a newer computer. For example If it’s broken you would strip it for parts & recycle it but what about if it still works? I have an idea what to do with my old pc, now I could turn it into a… Read more →

How to make a gaming podcast

I created my first podcast via an app  called Anchor which apparently went through a bit of a change recently.   The Anchor podcasting app is available on iTunes & Google play,  it’s very good as well as easy to use.  Using your phones microphone you can record what you want to say or you can use a pair of earphones… Read more →