America’s got a gun problem

It only February yet just last week America had a mass shooting at a School in Florida. I have lost track of how many incidents with guns that happens in America.

The weapon used was an automatic assault weapon, something used most often by military types, something that apparently is easier to buy than a hand gun or a Kinder egg.

Believe it or not but up on till recently you could not buy a Kinder egg in America due to it having stuff inside the chocolate. This has changed recently with the new Kinder joy eggs which separates the chocolate and the toy inside. Now the reason why I’m mentioning it is because America seems to control a lot of stuff quite properly except guns.

Guns feature heavily in gaming, millions of gamers like me play titles like Halo 5 and Wolfenstein 2. Even the newest title from Rare has pistol’s etc in Sea of Thieves. Whilst I enjoy a good first person shooter or an adventure game I would never dream of shooting someone in real life.

I remember a time when the tabloid newspapers would blame video games for mass shooting’s and it really annoyed me but the real problem lie with how America controls the sales of guns and Donald Trump’s administration hasn’t helped with removing legislation brought in by the previous administration in regards to mental health.

Is it not time that they did something about it other than sending their prayers and condolences?

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