A travel blog

You’ll probably be surprised to read this but I have to get it out my system. I nearly started a travel blog & no wonder, considering how beautiful a country that I live in. Scotland has some really nice places to visit and some equally nice things to do here & a travel blog just about Scotland sounds good.

I live in Ayrshire and there’s quite a few good places of interest like Roberts Burn’s house, there’s also museum’s and monuments to view.

I often find myself looking up at the night sky and thinking of how nice the night is.

Travel was something I did a lot of during my summer holidays from school but half the time I found myself playing arcade cabinets at beach side arcades in Fife due to our unpredictable weather. It’s where my love for gaming has come from.

Spyhunter happened to be the first arcade game I played at the Beach comber arcade in Leven which is near to a cool statue of Alexander Selkirk whose story was the inspiration for Robinson Crusoe.

Maybe one day I will write a travel blog but for now I’m sticking to gaming.

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