Returned to Pokémon Go

It’s hard to believe that Pokémon Go is 2 years old this month.

When the game first came out I was a bit addicted to playing it and for a while I was trying to catch as many Pokémon as I could but I soon got a bit fed up because even though it was a cracking game I felt it lacked something. It lacked the player interaction of the original games on the Gameboy.

It also lacked trading of Pokémon which has been recently introduced and now I’m back to playing the game more often than I have been in a while. It’s more like the game I feel in love with.

Niantic have really improved the game in the last 2 years and It is something I enjoy playing now. For example I caught a Ditto the other night and I was excited because I can swap Pokémon with my wife and my friends.

Gyms and Raids certainly improved players interaction with each other but fighting singular creatures between friends is the next logical step is it not? After all we are playing Pokémon.