Social Media

My first experience of social media was Bebo which at the time was pretty o.k as a social network. It functioned in a similar way to Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, I do like it on a personal level but as a platform for sharing picture’s and blog posts I feel that it’s increasingly harder to attract readership without having to spend money when you run a personal blog like this.  So what social network choices do you have when you don’t have a lot to spend?  These are the social networks i have experience of.


I use Tumblr to share my posts as it displays just enough of your post to encourage people to read further, uses hashtags in a similar way to Twitter and directs readers to your blog,


Twitter shares your featured image & gives a link back to your blog when you connect Twitter to your WordPress blog.


Google+ shares just a few lines of a post and a link back to your blog just like Twitter.  To be honest Tumblr is much better.


Pininterest is good because it allows you to share pictures from posts, part of the post itself and allows others to save your pins.  The only downside is you have manually post links back to your blog if you run a WordPress.Com blog rather than self hosting one.


Vero is the new kid on the block, once you share a post via a link you can share it with selected audiences but they have to be following you like twitter before they can see a post.


The great thing about Instagram is that you can link it to a custom Facebook page for your blog which means that a post appears in 2 places at once but you can’t do it with it going the other way, you can’t share a post directly from Facebook and have it share to Instagram.  If you want the best out of Facebook you can grow your blogs readership by mentioning other Bloggers Facebook pages on your own & that should attract readers.  The only other option is to spend cash but you’re not guaranteed to attract more readers.