Mobile phone advertising

Ever since I had a iPhone 4 s there has been something that really is annoying when it comes to mobile games and apps that are “free”.

That thing is advertising, or should that be introsive adverts as part of the app or game you are using.

There’s nothing worse that trying to get something done when an advert suddenly appears out of nowhere.

What if an advert for McDonald’s suddenly appeared in the middle of you reading this blog post? If you are anything like me, you just want rid of it. Thankfully it’s only their logo.

It’s the one thing that is stopping writing about mobile games and apps on this blog, because it is ruining the experience of something I think might be of interest to others but unfortunately if you want something for free then it’s here to stay, I just try to stay clear of the stuff that’s excessive with the ads especially the stuff that plays video in an attempt for you to install some new thing.