First Birthday

Has it been a year already? After a few weeks of trying to thing of a suitable domain name and that sort of thing, Puggy Gaming was born. It was something I wanted to do, something I wanted to grow slowly into a successful wordpress blog.

It has been slow and almost moving at the same speed as the wife’s tortoise. That’s not a fair example as Casey (wife’s tortoise) actually moves pretty quickly.

The most draughting thing for me was creating the logo, finding something suitable that was royalty free wasn’t easy but I did find one. Next thing was the set out of the logo itself. Different versions of it were made until I settled on the one I have.

When it came to the blog’s layout, initially I wanted to be like one of these mainstream gaming website’s with adverts etc but soon realised I had to create something unique but not too radically different, I themed it round me as a gamer.
It’s actually been harder than I thought, getting everything together the way I want and in such a way that it would attract an audience. Setting up social media links like our Facebook page were easy but ultimately ended up as an extra layer of work.
Whilst there hasn’t been a huge amount of gaming news and reviews, in the background I have been working on learning stuff to help me deal with the unseen things that comes with running a blog whilst juggling my normal job and family life. I feel like this guy hahaha.

It was a family holiday to Malta that really recharged my batteries and spurred me on to keep going.

In the next couple of months there will be more changes and I hope people notice.

Ok now that this post is published I’m going to celebrate with some pizza and some game time.