January Blues

The holiday season is almost over and my thoughts are about what to write for the coming month that is if I will find time to write.  I haven’t even set up the Game cube I bought this time last year.  I plan on writing some reviews of the games I got for Christmas which should be quite simple considering the age of the games themselves including a version of Pac-Man.


All the stuff I need is there, a controller, some games and a suitable TV to connect it to.  The problem I generally have is the fact I work 4 nights a week so spare time is divided on my days off.

Blogging on the go is usually how a write but there’s times when I find enough of it to start up my computer & use a proper keyboard.

Hopefully I will actually have some gaming related posts.

p.s You’re probably wondering about the featured image, its from my computer & it makes me smile.  I use it to keep me motivated.