New Year’s resolution’s

New Year’s resolution’s? To be honest I’ve not been good at keeping them.  Popular resolution’s like weight loss or more exercise I have tried to keep in the past to no avail.

2018 is going to be different, I plan on setting realistic goals.  Something more achievable (other than achievements on Xbox one games).  Last year I did actually keep one resolution and you are reading it.

So what is this year’s?

Okay here goes.

  • Make the blog self funding
  • Keep up with writing content
  • Become better at producing graphics rather than using freebies
  • Make more gaming video
  • Gain more followers.

2018 is going to be tough, but all worthwhile.  But the good news is there will be more retro gaming content.
Talking about retro gaming, I have gotten some GameCube games for my Christmas.  Thanks to my loving wife.   

I still think the GameCube controller is the best by the way.  This is my last post of 2017.  I will see you all in the New Year.