What a year I’ve had 

With 2018 only a few days away, I thought I would reflect on the year I have had.  When I started I didn’t know if I would gain an audience or get any followers on Twitter or Facebook but I did.   I’m very pleased with how things have turned out.

Things could have been so different.  I could be blogging about VW Beetles. By the way I love classic VW’s.

I could be blogging about my family because family life can be interesting, can’t it.  My family life could make an interesting blog or.. I could have blogged about films.  I don’t think I could write about movies as good as some of the ones I read.   

So…  I choose my life long passion for gaming.    There was times during the year I just couldn’t be bothered, motivation just wasn’t there.  But in the end I got my mojo back.

In case you missed it, there’s some quality posts from earlier this year, like the review for the Supaboy S or the Smart boy.   So I will finish by saying thanks for all your support and hopefully 2018 is going to be a good one.