Rating systems

Most magazines and websites have a rating system in place so that consumers can determine whether or not something is worthwhile.

For a few weeks, I have been trying to decide on one of my own. Should I rank a game out of 10 or maybe out of 5? that was the initial thought I had running through my head. I have decided to keep it as simple as possible.

A ranking system out of 5 seems like the best choice. I also have been dithering about what image to use for this.

Initially I was going to use coins, for example: 5 coins at the bottom of a review showing that a game is worth getting and should be added to your collection and 1 coin showing how bad a game is. But the images of rows of coins didn’t look right on draft reviews I have written.

I used this image of an arcade cabinet in my sites logo so naturally I have found myself deciding it’s going to be used to show how good or bad a game actually is because an arcade with one cabinet is awful. So now I just need to work on my own rating system, 5 cabinets through to just one.

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