I’d still vote yes

September the 18th is a significant date for many of my country men (and women). Mostly because it was the date of the last Scottish Independence Referendum.

For me it is also the date that my youngest daughter was born.

There’s many reasons why so many of us voted for Independence in 2014, my first reason was the fact I felt my offspring would be better off in an independent Scotland & I felt that running our own affairs would be better for our fledgling games industry here.

It also gave birth to this pro independence movement, some blogs are still very active and I read them from time to time because some of these blogs are very well written; I even tried my hand at writing some posts. It however wasn’t really something I wanted to write about myself. The reason is whilst I’m interested in politics, gaming has always been my first love.

It has always been a belief of mine that Scotland’s gaming Industry would grow if we gave developers encouragement to produce games here, utilising talent coming out of our universities directly.

If another independence referendum was called tomorrow I know how I would vote.