Fear, anxiety, the big bad wolf,what ever you want to call it. It’s a powerful emotion. Experiencing fear has led to some big decisions in my life & has now led to reaching this point I’m at now.

The fear of this blog being a total failure has meant that I’m making decisions to ensure that it’s not
Decision’s like learning digital marketing skills (via Google’s digital garage) so I can properly market Puggy Gaming.   I’m also working on my WordPress and my coding skills to make Puggy Gaming just right.   

The fear of having no money is also helping me with new ideas to actually make money from the site, I can’t help but think of what would be the right way I can make money to help support my gaming blog but I’m not sure whether to ask for donations via PayPal, set up a Patreon account, sponsored content or maybe run a Kickstarter so that I can make this a success. This is obviously something I will have to decide but making the right one is hard.  The joy’s of being a freelance blogger.