And the winner is..

A few years ago I got really lucky and won myself 3 copies of Halo 4 via a Mountain Dew competition, I drank so much of the stuff I nearly became addicted to the stuff.  
For a while now I have been learning important new skills and knowledge because I want to properly market my blog and use it as a marketing tool for others so one of the things websites and blogs do is that they run giveaways, prize draws and competition’s which also acts is as a form of marketing.  

I want to give away cool stuff, there you go, I have said it.  I want drive traffic to this blog using this common method of marketing but there’s a hurdle, something stopping me just buying a game then giving it away online.  Oh yes, that hurdle is called regulations.

Thankfully someone else has written something about this, I found this blog entry really helpful, it talks about UK regulations for advertising, the legal stuff you need to take into account before you give anything away.  I’m just going to leave the link here whilst I continue reading up on this subject.