Don’t Work for free

Believe it or not but I’m not new to this blogging thing.   

During the independence referendum in Scotland I wrote a blog about positive reasons for Scottish Independence on Blogger as well as helping out a friend with a similar themed Facebook page. 

I also helped out with starting off a gaming blog elsewhere, which is something I have always wanted to do.  That helped me understand WordPress a lot better.
This experience has taught me valuable lessons for blog writing and my best advice I can give is.

Don’t write for free.

Blogger and WordPress are very good platforms for sharing what you are interested in, what you think about stuff but to do that for someone else, I recommend that you before you type a single letter, make sure you have an agreement with whoever you are writing for that some form of payment is necessary.  
That’s a lesson I learnt the hard way, unless the person or persons you are writing for are close friends (Jason, btw you owe me some beer), it is a waste of time.   Whatever content you create, make sure there’s some form of written agreement in place.
Talking of content,  I’ll have some fresh stuff for you to read including a guide for custom gamer pic’s and a quick comparison of Twitch & Mixer.

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