Prey – an early review

Arkane Studios first came to my attention with  Dishonoured on the Xbox 360 so you can imagine how excited I was when I read that they were publishing a new game with their publisher Bethesda  called Prey. 

You play as a character (btw you can select your gender) called Morgan Yu, who wakes up in a simulation of an apparment which is within an alien overrun space station.

There’s a mystery of how this has all happened and you need to discover why so you need to stop it all.

The whole style of the game is superb, from the weapons you use to the art deco style of the station itself, it’s so challenging that I’ve not finished playing before writing this review.  
Why are the alien’s after you, why do you need to stop them, why does you brother want to stop you? These are questions I’ll discover answers to when I finish the game but I have a strong feeling that it’s a simulation within a simulation based on what I’ve discovered in game so far.

Prey is a strong contender for game of the year as far as I’m concerned and I recommend you buy it.