Confession of a Kleptomaniac

This isn’t strictly a review, it’s more of a confession.  

Playing Snatch now for the last 2 months has turned me into a kleptomaniac.  I find myself stealing other gamer’s (snatchers) parcels whenever I think I can get away with it,. which I seem to do most days of the week because I think I should be able to hold onto the parcel’s till they are locked down.
I have ended up with a few Now TV vouchers, some shopping discount vouchers and plenty of in-game currency which is pretty good but it’s prizes like the chance to win a Nintendo Switch that keeps me returning, not only that but the thrill of getting away with someone else’s prize makes me feel a bit like Dr Evil from the Austin Powers films.

Personally I’m blaming the cat lol

If you want to play this game you can use this reference code because Snatch is hiding millions of free prizes all over the country!