2 Step’s forward 1 step back

2 step’s forward 1 step back. A latest update about this blog.

You may have noticed that there has been a few changes around here.   I took the decision to upgrade and update the site to include advertisements as well as allowing me to upload videos.   After paying for the update I found the WordPress theme i chose to use previously didn’t support ad’s.  
So I’ve been franticly trying to find a theme more suitable.   I’ve ended up with something a lot better but now I need to make more improvements​.

Making this site is a constant challenge but I’m getting there, i only need to create some better graphics then i should be good to go with the news and reviews.

I’m even considering what I can in regards to competition’s, would people prefer games or merchandise such as t-shirts?  Drop me a line and let me know, meanwhile I’ll get back to work on sorting the blog out.

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