Snatch – Mobile Game Review

Following in the footsteps of popular AR game Pokemon Go comes a new game called Snatch.   The premise of this game is quite special.  Collect virtual parcels for a chance to win real world prizes such as a year’s pizza from Pizza Hut, a PlayStation 4 and money.
What is the catch? You have to hold onto your parcel for 6 hours then it’s secured. After that no-one else can take it, hence why it’s called Snatch because players can steal parcels from each other. You also get 500 coins if you refer someone else. My code is A2H4YA.

The parcels themselves come in 2 styles, golden parcel’s have real live money in them whilst the brown ones can contain anything from in game currency to games consoles. I have won £5 in cash 🙂 and some other cool stuff.
This game is addictive; at time’s I’ve been annoyed because someone has stolen my parcel but after winning some money I’ve warmed up to it.  I even feel guilty about stealing from others.
I only have a few criticism’s,  some of the parcel’s are placed in places such as in the middle of a busy road and on private land, mostly where it could be dangerous to go looking for some parcel’s. Other than that I think it’s a good game which can only get better in time.
If only I could win myself a PlayStation 4  🙂

Update: you can now win a Nintendo Switch