How to upload a gaming video from your Xbox one

a quick guide in uploading video directly from your Xbox One onto a YouTube Channel.

Believe it or not but making a gaming video directly on your xbox one is surprising straight forward process.  You only need the YouTube xbox app to upload it and using it is very easy.

Here is how to do it.

  1. Launch the YouTube app
  2. Press left on the joystick or d-pad then select “upload” and press “A”
  3. You can now see all the video clips that have been recorded, all you need to do now is select the clip you want and press “A” again
  4. You should now see a title screen where you can name the clip, choose who can see it etc
  5. All you need to do now is select “upload” and press “A”, this will upload the clip for you.

Our next “How To” will be on recording clips and using Xbox’s Upload studio to edit your clips.

P.S I have upload 2 clips today that you can find on our YouTube channel “PuggyGamingDotCom”,  they are very short & I do apologise.



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