January editorial

Going self hosting was a big leap for me and this blog. After almost 2 years with a site on WordPress.com I decided that I could achieve more and make more interesting content if everything was moved to a new location. Setting up the installation of WordPress was straight forward enough but transfering a backup proved more problematic than could… Read more →

Introducing Book of the Month

I thought i would introduce a new feature to my blog, a monthly book choice for your consideration. Now these books will have a theme, they will mostly be games related but some will be blogging related or something pretty geeky or cool like my first choice for January 2019. My first choice is “Spiders” Little Fears Book 3 by… Read more →

Merry Christmas 2018

With Christmas just a few days away I think it’s an ideal time for me to relaunch the new looking blog of mines and wish everyone who is reading this a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It has been an interesting experience switching over from having a site which is being hosted by WordPress.com to signing up for… Read more →

Is retro gaming better?

With Sony copying Nintendo and bringing out a mini first generation PlayStation, I find myself asking “is Retro gaming better?” The reason for this is simple, I’m thinking of the ideal game for my wife’s Christmas so she has something to play on her Nintendo 3DS but I am having to choose as there is a lot of really great… Read more →

8 bit fun with Pixelbricks

A few years ago, my sister got me something called pixelbricks for my Christmas. They are 3/8 of an inch little plastic blocks that you can build with. You can slide them together, stack them or a mixture of both. These little blocks work really well for building some 8 bit recreations of iconic characters and items from video games.… Read more →

PROJECT Gallifrey.

When I was a kid I used to watch Dr Who and hid when the scary parts came on. I still love Dr Who after all these years hence why I have called my latest project, Project Gallifrey. Its the code name I used before when I was starting my blog and I’m using it again because I’m working on… Read more →

Pixel Nips

If you are anything like me, you probably have one or 2 gaming t-shirts lying around the house. But what if you want to design your own? That is exactly what Kai at Pixel Nips has done, he has designed some really cool 8 bit themed t-shirts, including a few Rick and Morty ones. This is what Kai told me… Read more →